Sigfox: Low-Power Telecommunication Network

The Sigfox telecommunication network enables objects to communicate for several years on batteries, thanks to its long-range and low-power technology.

Unlike LoRaWAN, Sigfox is a proprietary network.

On the Ubiqod platform, users can check the Sigfox coverage in a specific area.


Where can I check the Sigfox coverage?

Public coverage map The public Sigfox coverage map is available here: Sigfox backend map This map is usefull, but not as detailed as the one available in the Sigfox backend (service maps), where you can see the number of gateways available in the area and the margins: Ubiqod In the Ubiqod platform, you can check the Sigfox coverage directly in the site interface: Skiply API (deprecated) Skiply offers to its customers the possibility to check the coverage for a single GPS coordinates thru the API. Request: Result: Where: outdoorCoverage = number of gateways covering the area (outdoor). indoorCoverage = number of gateways covering […]

What is the Sigfox End Product Certificate of Smilio?

In order to register your connected buttons Smilio Action, Smilio S or Smilio E on the Sigfox Network, you may require to enter the End Product Certificate. It is: P_0056_99E6_01 Please find attached the full certificate: QF_385_Sigfox_Ready_Certificate_SKIPLY_Smilio